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Ways To Motivate Cart Employees

A sales team makes or breaks a company. Players with the right skills, spirit and insatiable desire to win are a dream team come true for any business owner.

Truth is, building that team and keeping takes work. Motivation is the fuel that pushes performance and gets the results to propel your business to the next level. Motivation starts with a fire that comes from the heart and is stoked by incentives like recognition, appreciation and compensation. Read more


Cart or Kiosk… Does Size Really Matter?

Are you currently planning on opening a specialty retail business selling out of a kiosk or cart in a local mall? Maybe you are thinking about starting a specialty retail business selling baby products out of a kiosk or cart to people traveling on air planes arriving and leaving the local airport? More and more professional people these days are deciding to operate a kiosk or cart in a local mall, airport, or other venue in preference to a retail store. This decision allows them to take advantage of the benefits of selling products through a kiosk or cart as thousands of people around the world have decided to do during the past few years. Read more


To Hire or Not To Hire?

One of the biggest mistakes that retail businesses make when hiring employees is to believe that one size fits all. Businesses are different. Even in the same industry. You need to be clear about who fits within your organization. It is nearly impossible to hire a great retail employee without first understanding what makes a great retail employee.

Read more


Keys To Customer Catching Kiosks

It only takes 16 seconds for a customer to decide if they are going to stop and examine your product.  With such a small window of opportunity, a successful kiosk must be interesting and organized so that customers can take in as much information as possible with a single glance.  Even though signage is a vital asset, it takes more than just words to stimulate customer imagination. Read more