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December 20, 2011


Ways To Motivate Cart Employees

by sherylnn

A sales team makes or breaks a company. Players with the right skills, spirit and insatiable desire to win are a dream team come true for any business owner.

Truth is, building that team and keeping takes work. Motivation is the fuel that pushes performance and gets the results to propel your business to the next level. Motivation starts with a fire that comes from the heart and is stoked by incentives like recognition, appreciation and compensation.

The challenge though, is creating an incentive program that works. What are the characteristics of a good incentive program? First off, you have to know what rewards have appeal. You’ll have no clue if you don’t know your people. What gets them excited, what matters most?

Have the answers to those questions and you’re ready to start putting together, in writing, an incentive program. This is not a task to be taken lightly. Without careful thought, your program will be powerless.

It has to be simple enough so that all employees understand it. The rules should not be complicated and confusing. Secondly, the goals should be clearly spelled out and most importantly, realistic. You can’t ask thatRomebe built in a day. People will dismiss it outright. Realize too, that the reward must truly be earned. A tangible, strategic business result must be reached, otherwise people will make like they are busy to look good, when they have achieved precious little and it won’t show up on your bottom line.

Make sure you have the resources to play the incentive game. The prize at the end of the race must be worth vigorous pursuit. Otherwise, what’s the purpose? Think of the reward as an investment in your business. If important goals are met, the prize pays for itself with enhanced profits.

Ideally, there is more than one prize. The more people who have the opportunity to win something, the better. There can be first, second, third place, honorable mention, whatever combination works for you. The top prize may be significant, that trip to Cancun or the Islands, but the other prizes don’t have to be extravagant, and can be anything from a paid week off work, restaurant gift certificates, gift cards —  it depends on your staff, who they are, what they like. You are only limited by your creativity.

Experts say that even with goodies at the end of the road, you won’t be able to sustain interest for long, so have your contest for 90 days or less. Promote it like a presidential campaign. It’s not a bad idea to have posters or flyers displaying the highly sought after prizes.  Keep the competition hot by giving updates about who’s in the lead and more, via the company website and other communication vehicles.

Remember, you also have a very subtle motivator in your arsenal as well. Never underestimate the appeal of appreciation. When you say, “well done”, it tells your employee that his or her contributions make a difference and goes a long way in creating loyalty. There are any number of ways to show appreciation, from a simple “thank you, you did a good job”, to an affirming handwritten note. Use your imagination. What makes you feel appreciated? Something similar will likely stoke your staff.

Recognition is another important motivator. Who doesn’t like to be held up before the rest of the department or the entire company as someone who is setting the pace, doing great things? Certificates, awards, plaques – tangible things that are visible can be daily reminders of hitting the mark and inspiration to reach the high mark again.

For some people, it’s all about the money — the bigger the cash, the bigger the drive to succeed. Money will move them out of their comfort zone and into the highly productive, let’s get it done zone. Don’t rely only on commission to keep the excitement at fever pitch, add bonuses to the mix. Determine how much you can afford. But think most about how much achieving the goal will really mean to your business, immediately and in the future.

Up the odds for your employees and yourself. Make sure you give them any coaching, training, mentoring and professional development tools they may need so they can compete and you can reap the ultimate reward —  a boost to your business.

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  1. sweetness
    Feb 6 2012

    Not everyone you interview to work for you is a natural born salesman. I think that is an important fact to keep in mind when trying to motivate your employees. I belive another thing that can be done is to create less stress for your employees. Setting a quota can be identified as a challenge for some employees while it can also just create more stress for others. Identify what type of employee you have and motivate them accordingly. What works for some will not work for others.

    • sweetness
      Feb 6 2012

      A good way to get your employees to do better that is less stressful is start at a basic level and just tell them to simply talk to everyone. They need to know they will get NOs…a lot of NOs. Prepare them for the NOs. They will eventually build a thick skin and won’t be bothered by the NOs. The more NOs they get…the more chances they have of actually getting a YES.

  2. Shawn
    Jan 18 2012

    What do you think is the most important aspect in selecting employees?

    • mer84
      Jan 19 2012

      I don’t think there is just one aspect in a person that most employers look for when deciding whom is best to hire. A compilation of traits would make an almost perfect employee, such as their work ethics, personality, their drive to succeed, creativity along with their ability to think on the spot. Other aspects too could be trustworthiness and work history.

  3. Aljin Bravo
    Jan 11 2012

    This is true. I can say over 75% of people leave or stay with their jobs because of the way they are led.

  4. Naomi Gordon
    Jan 11 2012

    “I think they need to look a little more closely at what it’s like for their people to come to work there every day. A lot of managers and executives trying to solve problems miss the forest for the trees by forgetting to look at their people and not at how much more they can get from their people or how they can more effectively manage their people.”

  5. Jan 3 2012

    Actually, as you have pointed out, the three pillars of motivation are recognition, appreciation and compensation. When it comes to the latter, i would like to point out that it can either be monetary compensation or non-monetary. Money goes does well with many. When it comes to the non-monetary aspect, it would be good to hold brainstorming sessions with employees to find out what they appreciate apart from money.

    • Jan 11 2012

      Yes, monetary rewards to go a long way with most people, but there are some that just need recognition for their job well done. And its one of the easiest things to give! Praise from an upper level position can go a long way. A person in an entry level position getting a compliment from the CEO for a job well done, that goes a long way, and it makes them not feel so invisible.


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