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December 1, 2011


How Smooth Is Your Business Really Running?

by thewordshoppe

Today, kiosk and cart businesses are one of the hottest and quickest growing industries around the world.  In United States, specialty retail sales are growing at six to eight percent annually, with sales in 2010 exceeding 1.5 trillion dollars.

Quite often these sales are generated by the energetic owners who interact with the public.  Some people enter into this retail sector not realizing how much communication with the public is required.  Kiosk and cart operators who sit and do not build relationships with perspective customers often fail to realize they are causing their own businesses to falter.  If someone is shy or inhibited when entering into this business or find it very hard to talk with the public, they will find that within a few months their business will be bankrupt.

On the other hand, the kiosk or cart owners who put their hand out to greet people passing by will immediately be perceived to be friendly.  In large centers where people don’t really speak to people openly, cart operators who offer a handshake, a smile, and the offer of friendly conversation will have people stopping to listen and purchase, which in turn, increases their sales.

Food cart owners, which are found in many malls, have always known that in order to make great sales, you have to build a relationship with the people who stop at your retail space.  Over time, these catering cart owners build a huge following of regular customers who stop, not only to eat, but to share information about their family, their jobs, and other things that are happening in their lives.

Mall kiosks, like food cart operators, have found that the trick to great sales is interacting with the customers in a friendly manner, which generally requires answering questions about products people find interesting within their product line.  Sometimes it can be as easy as answering if the product is available in different sizes; whereas at other times, the person asking the questions may wish to know where the product was made or what it is made out of.  A good operator, dealing in this line of specialty retail products, will have that information and be happy to answer all questions.  They know that if the customer doesn’t buy today, they may stop by again tomorrow and make a purchase.

If you have visited an airport in any major city, you have likely used non-staffed kiosks to get money from the bank or to book another flight.  These are “need” services and unstaffed because people already know, from daily experience, how to operate them.

But, once you get into the retail area of the airport, the likelihood is you will meet a strolling kiosk operator offering you a variety of products.  Usually, this requires conversation and as people are waiting around for long periods, these operators know they have a captive audience that is looking for something to do, so inviting them to visit their specialty retail stand generally results in sales.

In the world of kiosk and cart sales, any operator who is a shy, withdrawn, or looking like a bored wallflower will never make the huge sales that the outgoing, friendly retail operator does.  People like to talk and enjoying learning, so friendly retail operators who understand this will always do well and have better sales.

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  1. sweetness
    Jan 25 2012

    That’s true! To have good sales you need good employees. Good employees are not the “bored wallflowers” as you call them. Depending on the product you are selling, usually the product is what draws in the customers and it is up to your employees to keep them there to make the sale. Make sure your employees aren’t bothered by “NOs” or rejection. There job is to tell everybody about the product, law of averages will work out itself.

  2. Gio
    Jan 24 2012

    great info. It’s all about the plan not to fail.

  3. Abby Garcia
    Jan 17 2012

    Doing a customer feedback will also help develop your business processes and get more customers. Find ways how to keep track on your customer satisfaction. In our new generation there lot of gadgets such as touchscreen devices like PDA, Mobile phones, Tablets and touch screen kiosks present a win-win solution for customer satisfaction surveys These kiosks can also be used for customers to enter their contact details to be kept informed about your products and services.

  4. Val N.
    Jan 11 2012

    @Luis – are you looking to start your own business, or have you already? If you’re in the market for a pos system for your business, check out LivePOS at

    • Luis Tucci
      Jan 11 2012

      More on likely Yes, to have or start with kiosk. Thank you so much for the info. Am looking into it. Huge help and interesting CSS LIvePOS.

    • mer84
      Jan 13 2012

      Hi Val, maybe we can feature your point of sale system on here. Its a tool that specialty retailers would need for their business, thats for sure.

  5. Luis Tucci
    Jan 11 2012

    Catchy. A good idea to start with a small business kiosk/cart is indeed getting well. Is there any preferences of what could be more easily match this system? Like products, the operation, in addition that I had the well said good interacting dedicated employee.


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