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November 21, 2011


Employee Attitudes to Promote Sales

by Benjamin Roussey

A sales cart or a kiosk is an affordable yet powerful way to promote the sales of a product or service. It can help achieve brisk sales at strategic points where customer traffic is high, and at the same time it serves as a strong visual advertisement for the product or service. The physical product display or demonstration can have a direct positive impact on a potential customer’s psyche, which a print or electronic media advertisement cannot match nor equal. It also helps achieve a dramatically high level of product and brand recall in the customer’s mind.

Filling that Void

However, a lot depends on the attitude of the employees who are managing the cart or kiosk at the point of sale. The product or service that is being promoted can come alive in the hands of a proactive and agile salesperson. Potential customers tend to become influenced as much by the salesperson’s performance as by the attributes of the product. The grand purpose of a cart or a kiosk is to reduce the gap between the customer and the product. That means a high degree of human interaction must take place between the customer and the salesperson to create a personalized involvement with the product or service.

A Performer’s Approach

 Selling from a cart/kiosk in an open market environment is distinct from selling in the private environs of a retail store. The cart or kiosk salespersons must see their role as somewhat of a performer in a public place. Their role begins with their personality and an impeccable uniform, which identifies them immediately and differentiates them in a crowd.

The cart/kiosk salesperson must have the art to communicate effectively not only by words, but also through their eyes, hands, and body language. Yes, they must have a high degree of people skills! A great sales performance or demonstration at a cart/kiosk comes when the salesperson enjoys and thrives in the gaze of curious onlookers. If he or she has a natural charm and ability to connect with the people, it can help engage the people’s interest in the product and its unique attributes.

Warm and Friendly Personality

 The cart/kiosk salesperson must come across as an affable, fun-loving, and warm personality. Carts and kiosks are typically placed in areas where people come to have fun. It could be a mall, a movie theater, or a fair or show where large crowds are expected. People are in a fun-loving mood at such places, and they are not interested in a very serious, hard-nosed sales pitch, which can drive them away.

A smart salesperson must be able to sense the mood of the people, and educate them about the product or service in a friendly and entertaining manner. If the salesperson is in love with his or her product, chances are that the target customers will also fall in love with it. If the cart/kiosk salesperson is not interested or impressed with the product they are trying to sell, then why should the potential customer be? At a very subtle level, the cart/kiosk salesperson must see himself or herself as a street magician or a juggler with the natural art to entrance the customers with the sterling characteristics of the product or service.

 Knowledgeable and Professional

 The bottom line in the art of cart or kiosk selling is developing and maintaining an in depth knowledge pertaining to the product or service. To achieve actual sales on the spot, the salesperson must be prepared to answer some very sharp and incisive queries about the product or service on sale and display. Real customers are never superfluous, and before they part with their hard-earned money, they would like to be totally convinced about the product, the brand, and the company.

The salesperson should be a patient listener, and address all the concerns, doubts, and queries of the customer in painstaking detail. He or she should be capable of professional interaction with every kind of customer, and the underlying goal must be to delight the customers and present them with a solution to take home. Cart/kiosk selling is more about delivering a memorable customer experience than about pushing the product blatantly. Listening to the customer is essential. Great salesmanship requires a positive attitude and the ability to build relationships; if these aspects are being checked off, the sales numbers will take care of themselves.

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  1. sweetness
    Jan 31 2012

    Another thing that can be helpful is Dollars vs Bucks. To the untrained ear it is the same thing, but there is a difference. Teach your employees this to help promote sales. When referring to the original price use the word DOLLARS and when referring to the sales price, use the word BUCKS.

    For example: normally this is 20 DOLLARS, but today since it’s Valntines Day it is only 15 BUCKS.

    In reality there is only a $5 difference but most people associate the word DOLLARS with money that should be saved and the word BUCKS with money that is easily expendable. Have your employees give it a try. It works!

  2. sweetness
    Jan 18 2012

    Shoppers don’t usually go to the mall to intentially purchase something from a cart/kiosk. They go to the mall for a specific store..on the way to that store they will see a cart/kiosk and if they buy from them, it is usually an impulse buy.
    Your employees need to know two important things:

    1. Law of Averages.
    It’s all a numbers game.
    The more people they talk to, the more chances they have of being able to pitch, the more times they get to pitch, the more chances they have of making a sale. Make sure they know to talk to EVERYBODY. Never pre-judge or cherry-pick.

    2. It’s all about a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.
    Once you get that person to stop and listen, most of the time they will buy the product because of your employee not because of the product itself.
    How many stuffed animals or sunglasses can someone really own? Who really needs handmade candle or another T-shirt?
    If your employee is having fun and carries a positive attitude that will transition to the customer and will help push the sale.

    • mer84
      Jan 19 2012

      That was very nicely put. Your experience speaks loudly. You’re very passion about your belief in those two.

      • sweetness
        Jan 31 2012

        Definitely! I have been in the retail industry for 6 years now. Sold a wide range of products, had so many people on my team, made so many mistakes so…I definitely want to help my fellow retailer. Good karma brings me good sales 🙂

  3. Enzo Murciel
    Jan 17 2012

    Managers/Owners also affects and improve workplace by initiating positive and good attitude to employees..there’s lot of initiatives to implement that will increase workplace morale and productivity, and reduce workplace stress. Always remember negative workers scare off customers, and the price of negativity is very much easy to imagine.

  4. Khatalea Quiin
    Jan 12 2012

    Find someone dedicated enough with passion. You can easily tell if that person is happy of what she/he is doing. Trustworthy. Someone who thinks big and ready to share the success with you. Go beyond the limits of what classifies the average person and be exceptional.

    • mer84
      Jan 13 2012

      One can easily tell if the person truely enjoys what they’re doing when you see how well they’re able to interact with potential customers and how they’re able to engage them. As the article states, a “salesperson must come across as an affable, fun-loving, and warm personality,” and that kind of personality will usually draw people in.


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